China: how to deliver orders to Russia easily
Previously, when sellers sent parcels from China to Russia, they needed to make their own arrangements with carriers, hand over track numbers, update shipment statuses and do all the customs-related paperwork themselves. We have decided it is time to make the process easier. That is why we have come up with a new delivery method called «Ozon Partner Delivery». Transportation with this method is carried out by trustworthy companies that take care of all problems regarding logistics.

Our partners
Two carriers called Global Broker Solutions and Hecny have already signed up to be part of the method. They know how to deliver a shipment to Russia so well they can do it in their sleep!

Advantages of «Ozon Partner Delivery»
  • Competitive prices — we have chosen the best rates so you do not overpay and still get great service.
  • Ease of communication — we keep in touch with customers and partnering carriers and also inform you of all the news.
  • Quick and easy delivery process — we deliver parcels within 2-4 weeks depending on the region; statuses of shipments update automatically and no documentation is required.
  • Joining is simple — you just need to accept the offer, select a warehouse and upload your products.

How parcels travel to customers
  1. You put a label on a parcel and make sure it gets to a Global Broker Solutions or Hecny drop-off point. For now, there are drop-off points in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu, Dongguan, and Hunchun, but we plan to expand the coverage.
  2. Afterwards, the partners take everything into their own hands: ship the goods themselves by plane or ground transport and deal with customs declarations.
  3. In Russia, our delivery service called Ozon Rocket receives parcels, takes them to a sorting centre, and then delivers them to pick-up points. This is where our buyers get their products.
That is it! The service is fast, high quality and yet - it is affordable!

11 МАЯ / 2022