© 2019 Ozon
© 2019 Ozon
One step up to unlimited sales in Russia
Let’s get acquainted
Ozon.ru is one of the leaders of Russian multi-category marketplaces.
As part of it, there is Ozon Global, where foreign sellers have the opportunity to provide their products to Russian buyers.
Seller support
We actively help sellers promote their products on the platform. In addition, we can always advise on a profitable plan of actions
Support team will help you in English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Farsi languages
Thorough analysis with high quality detailing for each product
Automate your processes to make the work with the service easier
Twice a month from sales starting at 1000 USD
Connect different logistics operators and set up different delivery methods for each region and product category
Payment terms
Add information about the company and payment details
Register an Account using the link
Selling with us is easy
You can do it manually, via XLS file or API
Upload your products
and add the products to it
Set up your warehouse
directly to one of the 11 million Russian customers
Send your goods
twice a month in either USD or EUR
Receive payments
Logistics from any country
We have prepared several logistics solutions from different countries, please click to learn more
Grow with Ozon
We present flexible tools for working on the platform: flexible product, logistics, marketing and price settings together with following the product up to reaching the buyer
Build your own business
Write to us for any questions
Success stories
Lee Yang
Thank you for providing us the opportunity to sell goods from abroad on Ozon marketplace. The website interface is convenient and extremely easy even for newbies. Stable organic traffic, weekly promotions, large customer base, IT team and technical support are always ready to help. We will continue to improve, grow and develop together with the Ozon team

Marek Ludwiczak
The collaboration with Ozon Global team turned out to be amazing! We are very happy with the great help we received to start selling the products. With such support from English speaking consultants we got to know the platform for sellers, all its functions and possibilities which eventually led to excellent sales and great profit for our company.
Ustin Savilov
If you've ever wondered about or considered selling on Ozon, register and start selling!
For almost 3 years we've been selling on Ozon. Sales increased by 42% and encouraged us to expand our assortment.
User-friendly interface, all the necessary instruments for both low and large volumes and the professional Ozon team who are always ready to assist!
Fashion Mall
It has only been 3 months since I registered on Ozon, and my sales are up by 80%. The manager has provided me with a lot of help with product upload, optimization, logistics and advertisement. I hope we will keep working successfully and cooperating with Ozon.
Krasnova Maria
Head of Marketplaces Department
We are profoundly grateful to Ozon for its great work. Thanks to the marketplace, our sales have increased 3 times! We would also like to say that the service desk and managers work promptly and responsibly. They always help answer our questions and solve any difficulties. Ozon always listens to its sellers and buyers and constantly improves its interface and usability.
Kim Hyungmin
Entering Ozon marketplace was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our brand.
Not only our monthly sales increased, we’ve also learnt more about our customers in Russian market.
Most importantly, Ozon marketing team helps in providing us with different promotions and events to grow brand awareness.
Kato Yoshishige
Group Manager (Global EC Support Department)
Tokyo 8
Opening a store on Ozon Global, strengthened our belief that the Russian EC market has a high potential for sellers. We found out that the Russian customer tends to spend more per order than other customers in other countries (China, USA, ASEAN). As an official supplier of Japanese manufacturers, we are very grateful to Ozon stuff for being very cooperative.

One step up to unlimited sales in Russia

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